Sara Knobel Photo | Vava'u Days 1 & 2

Vava'u Days 1 & 2

July 16, 2017  •  5 Comments

Bannisters of the church across the street from my apartment. 

Now I know which way LA is!

The King recently visited Vava'u, so the entire island starting at the airport is decorated with bright and colorful flags like the ones on this boat. 

Swim with the whales? Don't mind if I DO!

My little blue bungalow home.

Buncha hotties on the local beach. One almost charged at me.

7:00am on the dock, ready for sunrise. 

Fish friends at sunrise.

Apocalyptic sunrise.


How many times in one day can you say "ON THIS EPISODE... OF SURVIVOR" with two Survivor cameramen before they get sick of it? Approximately 2. 


Danae, my South African freediving princess. 

A wild buoy tree in his natural habitat.

Cow crossing!

Hello sir. 

DP of Survivor on our jaunt up the mountain. 

Made them act like they were at an engagement shoot. The #bromance is real.

Survivor cameramen in their natural habitat. 

Bluest water I've EVER seen.

Modeling for my Survivor audition. (jk, sorry Dad, but they did say I'd be great on the show). 


James in my hammock. :) 

Happiest hammocker. 

Little cave by the ocean. 

Unreal sunset view from my balcony.


Sheila Newar(non-registered)
So beautiful!! What an amazing place, I love your Survivor audition pic! :)
Sarah Buckley(non-registered)
More pictures of pigs please!! Haha! Glad you're having a great time already!
Hannah Eicher(non-registered)
I love it and I want the piggies!!!
Laurie G Allen(non-registered)
What gorgeous photos! Looks like you're having a great time. I'm a friend of your mom's in case you don't recognize my name. Have fun swimming with the whales!
Peter Dimitriou(non-registered)
What a wonderful adventure you have embarked on Sara! My jealousy levels have risen x10 and you haven't even made contact with the whales yet! Looking forward to hearing more about this once in a Lifetime adventure!!
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