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The Final Whale Frontier: My Last 2 Days in DREAM WORLD

July 25, 2017  •  2 Comments
One of my favorite moments: mama hugging baby close to her as they rise to the surface. It felt & looked SO human. Mama, baby, & pesky male escort. Baby coming up for a breath. Big mama tail! Big mama tail & baby next to her. THAT'S 6 WHALES IN ONE PHOTO YA'LL. NOT INCLUDING THE THREE BEHIND ME. FRICK. Lunch stop: magical inlet su...
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Days 7, 8, & 9: The Dream Continues!

July 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Face 2 face with bae. Lil tail peaking out. Upside down buddy. Helloooooooo I love Lunch Island. Feelings about Lunch Island.. and the 39,000 new freckles I seem to have developed. More Lunch Island. Paget & I stoked as ever. Waving hello! School o' fishies. Two boys waving in unison, side by side. Whale tail! Ha...
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MY DREAM COME TRUE (Days 5 & 6 in Vava'u, swimming with humpback whales)

July 20, 2017  •  8 Comments
Oh my frick, this was the first photo I took. Stunning lil' guy swimming under me. UNREAL moment Amy (next to whale's nose) almost got WOMPED while this guy zoomed up from nowhere to breech. Show TIME with Scott and Brad, the whitest names I could think of for these two sassy teenage whales. YASSSSSSSSS, (we all screamed at each other l...
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Days 3 & 4: Kayaking & The Mythical Paget

July 17, 2017  •  1 Comment
Hearty breakfast for the athletes. Baskets & goodies at the market. Like James & the Giant Peach, but Danae & the Giant Zucchini.. Sequel to Danae & the Giant Zucchini: Sarebear & the Giant Zucchini. Giant nanners & plantains. Melon selection. Freshest nanners around, ya'll. Hello mister sun! So happy to see blue skies. Chur...
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Vava'u Days 1 & 2

July 16, 2017  •  5 Comments
Bannisters of the church across the street from my apartment. Now I know which way LA is! The King recently visited Vava'u, so the entire island starting at the airport is decorated with bright and colorful flags like the ones on this boat. Swim with the whales? Don't mind if I DO! My little blue bungalow home. Buncha hotties on the...
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