MY DREAM COME TRUE (Days 5 & 6 in Vava'u, swimming with humpback whales)

July 20, 2017  •  8 Comments

Oh my frick, this was the first photo I took. 

Stunning lil' guy swimming under me. 

UNREAL moment Amy (next to whale's nose) almost got WOMPED while this guy zoomed up from nowhere to breech.

Show TIME with Scott and Brad, the whitest names I could think of for these two sassy teenage whales.

YASSSSSSSSS, (we all screamed at each other loudly). Guys, I'm looking at this photo RIGHT NOW and I CANNOT BELIEVE I TOOK IT YESTERDAY AND SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES.

"Oh hayy!" -Whale

Lunch time celebration at the beach. 

Little post-lunch dip.

Seriously bonkers drone view of our lunch spot. What is life?!

Look closely. It's me as a snow (sand) angel on the beach.

Dimitri, a little (enormous) newborn who came right up to me!


Baby Demitri.

Hanging out on the roof of the boat, zooming from one place to another. Bliss.

JoJo the jolly humpback!!!

JoJo spinning around & around.

JoJo trying out his majestic, tough guy look.

My flippers & Jo.


We are PALS. 

JoJo asking for belly rubs.

Belly belly belly.

Only with a fisheye lens can you fit this giant boy in one shot.

WHALE, bye for now. :)



Joan Jones(non-registered)
There are no words to describe it. Wow !!!!!! Plus you are a fabulous photographer.
You are indeed very lucky to have this opportunity .
ALice and Richard(non-registered)
Wow, wow, wow!!!! What an amazing experience that most humans will never have. You are blessed to be one of the lucky ones. Yay!!!! Love you.❤️
so beautiful I started drooling over them! Cannot wait to have multiple hanging around my place!!
Laurie G Allen(non-registered)
these photos are fantastic!
Kelsey Simas(non-registered)
I'm loving these updates and the photos are beyoooooonnddddddddddd!!!
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